SleepBand PRO Sleep Mask Headphones
That's what you need for a healing night
What You'll Get
Fall asleep in half the time
The black out sleeping mask and wireless headphones will help you effortlessly fall asleep
Built-in Bluetooth headphones
Calming audio has been proven to relieve insomnia&improve sleep quality. Enjoy it with our built-in thin,padded speakers
Block 100% Light and Noice
Blocking external light produces melatonin allowing you to drift asleep faster
Perfect for Side/Back Sleepers
The thin speakers are perfect for any sleeping position
Relieve insomnia and stress
Quality sleep is the key for a healthy lifestyle. Unwind&de-stress with SleepBand PRO
Amazing price
The most comfortable sleeping mask for a good price
Get enough sleep last night?
SleepBand PRO is designed to provide the deepest possible sleep anywhere, anytime.
Blocking external lighyt&listening calming,relaxing audio is the key to a higher quality sleep.
This ultrasoft breathable headband has thin,padded bluetooth speakers biult-in to help you fall asleep faster.
Comfortably block out any annoyances like snoring,tv/phones,neigbores or roommates.
Enjoy an immersive audio experience with all-night comfort&wake up feeling refreshed.
Why you need SleepBand PRO
Fall asleep faster with misic
Listening to calming sleep sounds is proven to help you to fall asleep up to 45% faster! Comfortably enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, audiobooks&sleep stories nightly
Regain your peace and quite
The thin, padded headphones will drown out any annoyances like snoring, TV sounds, loud neighbores,roommates. Get your peace back!
Sleep deeper&feel refreshed
Darkness produces melatonin which helps you fall asleep faster&sleep deeper.Deep sleep will help you to wake up feeling refreshed&energized all day
Protect your ears
You have only two
Traditinal earbuds & "pods" are proven to damage your ears after repeated use, especially if you use them to sleep at night. It's not just uncomfortable, but it will cause painfull inflamation around the cartilage of your ear that can cause a lifetime pain,discomfort and even minor hearing loss
What our clients say about us
Love my SleepBand.. they hired me to do a photoshoot with the product & gave me one to take home. I've used it every night since then. I like to listen to podcasts every night and these make it extremely comfortable. I look forward to putting on every night haha
Claire M.
So comfortable. No more sore ears. Great for listening to binaural beats all night to help me sleep.
Dre C.
This is my first time writing a review. I'm very happy my mom got us the SleepBands! Being very busy with school and sports, I can nap and focus on a better sleep. Before, I would be on my phone and up for hours. This makes me put down my phone and just listen to my music and I fall asleep faster. The mask helps make it darker too and I really like the fabric. It's soft. Thanks!
Brent F.
Fits very comfortable and for the first time I have a sound device that I can sleep in any position without hurting my ears. Excellent sound quality and pairs in a flash!
Emmy J.
I purchased these headphones for my insomnia issues. I use these sleep headphones to listen to music at bedtime, the sound is pretty good and it has a nice grip but not tight, headband is very comfortable. They are rechargeable but the charge seems to last a long time. Has a very good warranty. Definitely worth the money!
Taz T.
This is about my fifith pair of sleep headphones. They are the perfect solution I've ever use! Battery life is the best! - it can last a single night. more than 8 hours. If you're using it to listen to an audio book or music when sleeping, you will be happy with it. It also uses an new USB charging cable which is very easy to plug in (and very simple if you're fumbling with it in the dark to try to get it to recharge while you sleep). The sound is very good!
Jane L.

This mask is Very comfortable and cozy, sitting snugly but softly over your face.These work crazy good. It was more comfortable and easier to get used to while sleeping than I thought. Great at blocking out light. Complete black out! I bought them to listen to ASMR to fall asleep... they are as good as ear buds, but they wont strangle me in my sleep.
I advise everyone to order! Many thanks to the good faith seller!!!! Everything is very high quality, the sound is excellent, the material is very gentle, the mask completely closes the eyes, so that the light does not penetrate at all :) Also the USB wire is put! I usually do not write reviews, but I really liked this product, for such a price it's just a find! Order without doubt, you will not regret it!
Get your SleepBand PRO for amazing price
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